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This Course, unique  takes qualified and experienced teachers (or professionals working in fields related to the education), and develops their existing professional practice to a more exacting level of competence. The course is designed to provide sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to enable the successful candidates to manage and lead effectively within educational provision, who may provide the sole point of reference within a service, school, hospitals or other sectors.  It is intended to produce well-motivated, enthusiastic and well-informed practitioners who can maximise the use of new management and leadership practical in their relevant organisations.


The Course will develop professional skills, but will also promote reflection on the principles underlying best management and leadership practices in education and other sectors such that managers and leaders will become able to support their colleagues, and engage in fruitful professional dialogue with other specialists working in related fields.


This course aims to.

  1. Provide beginner leaders and managers with access to the pedagogies, knowledge and transferable practices to equip them with the tool kit necessary for success in their posts Provide education, training, practice and opportunities for self-assessment
  2. Develop the intellectual curiosity and capabilities for knowledge and skills transfer that will enable the managers to take responsibility for their own learning/application and professional development;
  3. To support the development of teaching professionals who are both reflective and reflexive in their practice.
  4. To create leaders and managers who exhibit outstanding levels of professionalism and a commitment to equality and empowerment for all.
  5. To provide opportunities for programme participants to examine their own professional practice, and that of those they work with and observe, in the light of theory and practical experience.
  6. Promote a model of analytical, evaluative and reflective practice, with skills in setting, and meeting, targets for short and longer term professional development;
  7. Provide opportunities for explicit and inferred connections to be made between theory and practice in order to enhance capabilities as leaders and managers in the workplace
  8. Assess and self-assess individual needs at points throughout the programme and set appropriate targets; to improve their management and leadership skills


Intended Learning Outcomes

The programme provides opportunities for practitioners  to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills and other attributes in the following areas.


  1. Leadership and management of their organisations
  2. Reflection on their managerial and leadership skills
  3. Leading and managing others
  4. Solving their leadership and management dilemma at the workplace


The course will enable participants to critically examine a wide range of educational issues pertaining to the development of their capability as managers and leaders and in so, meeting the needs of learners.



Outline of Unit Content
This should outline the overall content of the unit in either a list or sentences.

Module 1 – Definition of Management and Leadership


Module 2- Management and Leadership Theories 


Module 3- Management and Leadership in Practice  


Module 4 – Leadership Through Mentoring and Coaching 


Module 5 – Leadership for Learning 


Module 6 – Your Leadership Dilemma 

Total number of  hours 

60 hours face to face and 20 hours for the final practical project = 80 hours



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