About EBEA Association

Our mission to build the learning community in education between EGYPT and the UK through sharing good practice and supporting educational initiatives and projects in Egypt. About Us EBEA as stated in its constitution is independent, non religious and non political association which aims to voice all Egyptian educationalists who currently work in the United Kingdom

EBEA Objectives.

The none profit making objectives of the association are:.

To provide expert and innovative solutions in professional development, capacity building, and educational leadership essential to the way educators, learn, teach and lead.

To build the educational community for The Egyptians in the UK

To encourage the pursuit of educational research and its application for both the improvement of educational practice and for the Egyptian benefit.

To support all educational initiatives in Egypt and provide advice, support and expertise whenever it is needed

To assist where possible, the training of Egyptian educators both in the UK and in Egypt.

To act as a resource for the latest educational technology, and as a reference base for Egyptians in the UK and Egypt..