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EBEA as stated in its constitution is independent, non religious and non political association.

The EBEA aims to voice all Egyptian educationalists who currently work in the United Kingdom, and to also support whenever it is appropriate the educational projects and research activities in Egypt..

We want to build a learning community in educationbetween EGYPT and the UK through sharing good practice and supporting educational initiatives and projects in Egypt..


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Membership Outcome

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Membership Outcome

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EBEA President

Meet Dr Hala

Dr Hala Seliet who has been in England for 35 years and works as a university tutor on students admission and recruitment to UK university courses and she wrote so many books for students in schools in England and she has been an advisor with the department of Education

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محمد الجعب
It is a pleasure to be a member of the Egyptian British Education Association
Math Teacher
Mohamed Dramehally
Very nice. .I like that
‏‎Professor of Sociology & Social Work‎‏
Norhan basyoni
I love EBEA
‏‎Cardiologist‎‏ at ‏‎Al Salama Hospital‎‏
Scota Metiten
I love EBEA and recommend it

EBEA Address in London

HALA SELIET 70 Clapton Square London E5 8HW